Pixellians Blog

Home of the pixels


Welcome to pixelliansblog.com

A place where pixellians tend to spend their timely leasure.
Working, playing and doing what they do best – crafting pixels.
Pixellians.com was created to present all previous work the pixellians had done or had been involved.
In addition the site serves as a knowledge base of the webmaster’s skills.

What is a Pixellian?

Pixellians are small little people that exist in front of your computer screen. They’re so small in fact that they’re hardly noticable. Most pixellians don’t mind being small for they know that small things that work together tend to get bigger things done.

An example of their work would be right here.
Everything you see in-front of you on the monitor at present are made by pixellians.

That’s Right!

There are billions and billions of pixellians here, working hard in front of your screen to give their best to present information to you the human which they refer as the “user” in the comunication medium they call the ‘web’.

Pixellians live in their little world called “Pixellaria”, a unique world which only exist only within the web. An electronic entity that provides living and nourishing environment for billions of pixellians to flourish and grow. Pixellaria is also a physical representation for all pixellians to communicate with humans and to their dismay the only information that is able to be understood by most humans.

Only those humans whom took the time to obtain in the knowledge in communicating with them would a pixellian enjoy.

In order for them to dance on the web the pixellians recommand sufficient knowledge from each area as discribed by the tabs at the footer of this site.
Joe’s contribution for all Pixellians
The Pixellians were very excited when they first met Joe.
He is one of those humans that understand what is required to make them dance and generate their pixel crafting.
His core understanding of HTML and CSS enables him to incorporate pixellians rendering techniques accurately for popular browsers that are on the current market.

Skilled in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Joe is the designer for Pixellians.com. and the site’s webmaster who manages the sites content.