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26 logos in 36 hours

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

26 Logos in 36 hours

The title speaks for itself, I had a project from a client to create these logo’s within a very short time.
Since it was my first time designing logo’s and my first client in a freelancing job I was surprised on what I am able to achieve.
However since it’s a rushed project I am not entirely pleased with the results. There are a few logos which could be better re-designed.

The best situation to describe this entire logo project is similar to this article written by smashing magazine.

Probably I may decline any more design proposals in the future and may create my own design projects such as this blog for the better display of my skills.

Due to the shame links of the sites will not be provided in this post.

A must have wordpress plugin if you have a twitter account

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

If anyone who owns a wordpress blog and a twitter account this plugin is a must.

There are two options in setting up this cool widget

1. Download the tool from this website and install it to your wordpress blog or


2. Just search the widget from the plugins menu from the wp-admin dashboard, click install, and activate it.

Too easy.